22 febbraio 2014

There is more rejoicing in heaven... [Ròbe che sto leggendo #3]

Then Father Benedict's stern voice rang out in anger. "Who was it converted this pig?".
Brother Paul stepped forward. "I did it, Father".
"You are a fool", said the Abbot.
"A fool? I thought you would be pleased, Father".
"You are a fool,", Father Benedict repeated. "We can't slaughter this pig. This pig is Christian."
"There is more rejoicing in heaven - " Brother Paul began to quote.
"Hush!", said the Abbot. "There are plenty of Christians. This year there's a great shortage of pigs."

[John Steinbeck, Saint Katy the Virgin, in Hitchcock and Bradbury Fistfight in Heaven (McSweeney's 45)]

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